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As a Professional Baseball Photographer, I've shot high school baseball photography, College baseball photography, and Major League Baseball Photography. I love capturing and preserving memorable moments from the game. Whether it's a dramatic home run or a game-winning catch, documenting these moments through photography allows you to relive them and share them with others. Through my years of sports photography experience, I've gained quite a bit of useful knowledge that I'm happy to share with other photography-lovers! I'm happy to share my prefered cameras for sports photography, what lenses I recommend for sports photography, and a whole lot more. Just check out my blog page, or connect with my on social media and let's talk sports photography! 

Jeff Palicki Sports Photography PNC Park Pittsburgh Pirates.jpg

A Baseball Photographer can ask for no better home-field than PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Hands down, PNC Park is the most stunning ballpark in the MLB. From the skyline, to the river, to the ballpark itself - a true gem. PNC Park makes it easy to capture shots like this one. It's almost not fair. Go get yourself some fresh new PNC Park Wallpaper on my page that has more PNC Park photos.

I love taking my sports photographs and turning them into killer slideshows! There's something about adding music to some quick-cuts that really gets people hype, which, as a Baseball Photographer, is always an objective of mine. 

Baseball Player Photography 

I happen to know that this photo I took hangs in John's home. Pretty cool, right?


John Nogowski, Pittsburgh Pirates First Baseman, steps up the the plate at PNC Park in the 2021 season. Sometimes I'll see a photo and know that it's a perfect fit for a black and white vintage vibe... a true classic.

More MLB photos!

Jeff Palicki Photography MLB Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Nogowski_4327.jpg
Jeff Palicki Photography Pittsburgh pirates graphic designer  MLB.jpg

I enjoy graphic design just as much as I do photography. all photos in these design are my own. see more sports graphics!

Jeff Palicki Sports Photography Slippery Rock University Baseball Graphic Design.jpg

extra! extra!

Check these baseball photos out!

Jeff Palicki Photography Sports Baseball New Castle News _0210619_Page_1.jpg
Jeff Palicki Photography Sports Baseball New Castle News _20210619_Page_3.jpg

I am a Freelance Photographer for New Castle News, in New Castle, Pennsylvania. In 2021, New Castle had two high school baseball teams make it to the PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association) State Championship match in State College, PA. As the paper reads, The Shenango Wildcats fell short of the the Class 2A Championship. The New Castle Red Hurricane baseball team brought home the Class 4A State Championship trophy for the first time in school history! 2021 was an amazing year for New Castle baseball. History was made, and I was lucky enough to have been along for the ride as both teams' Sports Photographer. 

The newspaper page on the right is framed and hanging in my office. Not only because I am proud of my Sports Photography being prominently displayed (six photos on one page!) in the paper, but I am also proud of these athlete's accomplishments. They are perhaps the best two baseball teams this town has ever seen. So many great baseball memories on the say to these championship games. Great seasons, boys. I'll cherish the memories forever.

This Photograph of David Ross is by no means my most exhilarating photograph, but if sentimentality is worth anything, it's a million dollar shot.


David Ross is one of my all-time favorite people in the game of baseball. Though PNC Park is now my home field, I grew up at Wrigley Field - home of the Chicago Cubs. Baseball was my life. The Cubs were my obsession. I watched Sammy Sosa go yard there. I watched Kerry Wood strike out the entire world there. I got my first Cubs Jersey there (I still have it). I got Mark Grace’s autograph. I met Joe Girardi. Year after year I rooted for the Cubs - win or lose. I was never disappointed in a loss, only saddened when the season was over. It was truly an unconditional love.


Click the Blog post above to read a bit about my journey as a Sports Photographer (and Cubs fan). 

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