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Jeff Palicki Photography Sports Edit Graphic Design Basketball New Castle High School Red Hurricanes.jpg

I love being a Sports Photographer during basketball season. You get so close to the action. I get to post up  right under the hoop and capture the magic. 

Don'a ask me to pick between photography and graphic design, but I also love being a Graphic Designer of Sports. Every image seen in this graphic is from my own memory card, taken in one single New Castle Red Hurricanes Basketball game. All this team knows how to do is win. 

Basketball Photography Gallery

Jeff Palicki Photography Basketball Black and White Slam Dunk New Castle Red Hurricanes.jpg

There are few things in the world as satisfying as the slam dunk. Any halfway decent dunk can make for a baller photo. Basketball photography rules. Dig it. 

Turning a decent basketball portrait into a BALLER image
I make athletes look badass. That's what you call athlete branding.

Jeff Palicki Photography New Castle Red Hurricanes Basketball_2012.jpg
Jeff Palicki Sports Photography and Design New Castle Red Hurricanes Basketball Vintage Light Leak Edit_2021-Edit

Athlete branding starts as early as high school. Back in MJ's day, the only way to reach your audience was to play on TV, do commercials, or write a book. Now, we all have our own platform. Two words - social media. Use it wisely. Put out baller content, and let the world know you came to ball. No chump stuff. Baller vibes = baller deals. Write that down. Get yourself a baller photographer (me) that can make killer edits (me) and take your brand to the next level (you, son). 

Jeff Palicki Photography New Castle Red Hurricanes Basketball_2066.jpg

This is what I'm talking about. There's nothing wrong with this layup photo on the left; it would make a fine social media post. But typically only the biggest athletes on the best teams are able to post some hard graphics like this one (on the right). Why? Because only the biggest and best universities have a graphic design department dedicated to putting out sports edits. Well, you don't need to be in the Big 10 to get graphics like these, you just need me. Let's go!

Jeff Palicki Photographt Design Sorts Basketball Graphic Branding Instagram Story Retro Ed

Instagram Story Sports Edit

Jeff Palicki Photography Sports College Women's Lafette Pitt Basketball_9267.jpg
Jeff Palicki Photography Sports College Women's Lafette Pitt Basketball_9322.jpg
Jeff Palicki Photography Sports College Women's Lafette Pitt Basketball_9534.jpg

The girls at Lafayette College can really ball

Jeff Palicki Photography New Castle Red Hurricanes Basketball_2059.jpg
Jeff Palicki Photography New Castle Red Hurricanes Basketball_2285.jpg

How to be a Basketball Photographer - Pro Tip:

There are so many facets of the game that offer great opportunities to get great basketball photographs. Undoubtedly, the best place to post up with your camera is right under the hoop. If you're lucky you'll get a great chance at catching an athlete flying through the air and dunking it home. Players making juke moves and dribbling around defenders makes for cool photos as well (see photo on the right. Also note that both of the player's feet are airborne, which, to me, is kind of cool too... right?). You can capture some great competitive battles when a player drives to the paint as well - see photo on left. The clashing of athletes makes for an intense moment in photographic form.

Jeff Palicki Photography Sports College Women's Lafette Pitt Basketball_9271.jpg

University of Pittsburgh Basketball player shooting a jumper in front of the cheerleaders and band

If you're committing to play college basketball, I got you with the best custom commitment edits in the game!

Akash Habib Commitment Edit Jeff Palicki Photography.jpg

If you're a high school athlete, taking your game to the college level, then you need to take your commitment announcement to the next level with a custom college commitment edit. Click here to get your own baller edit to blast across the web! 

Jeff Palicki Photography New Castle Red Hurricanes Basketball Cheerleaders_2035.jpg
Jeff Palicki Trevon Mason Highlight Video Edit University of Arizona Football
Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 7.24.10 AM.png
Jeff Palicki Photography NC BBALL Graphic 1.jpg
Jeff Palicki Photography Commitment Edit AR 2.jpg
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