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Hockey Photography Gallery

Jeff Palicki Hockey Photography Sports Diving Goal.jpg

How to be a Hockey Photographer - Pro tip:

As a Hockey Photographer, you need to be just as quick and prepared as the athletes on the ice. Luckily, you don't have to be nearly as athletic. It certainly helps if you have played hockey in the past. It helps your understand what's happening on the ice, where the action is, and more importantly, you may be able to anticipate where the action will be. For instance, if you see someone crashing the net, it's time to hold down that shutter finger and get a photo burst so you don't miss a wink. Hockey is such a fast paced sport that even if your camera is shooting at seven frames per second, you'll have seven very different photographs. 

Jeff Palicki Photography Hockey Photography Zamboni Black and White.jpg

If you're not obligated to edit and upload photographs during the intermissions, and you're not hungry, don't put your camera away just yet! Take some pictures of the zamboni! Maybe it's the machinery or the fact that is has an engine and wheels, but guys love zambonis. Of the thousands of hours spent at ice rinks, I can't even tell you how many times I've heard a dude express what a dream it would be to drive a zamboni. There's even an old song called "I Want to Drive a Zamboni" that I downloaded on iTunes. It used to be my anthem on my way to play pond hockey. Classic. 

Jeff Palicki Photography Hockey Black and White Goalie Goaltender_2134.jpg

Goaltenders are



Jeff Palicki Hockey Photography Puck Drop Face Off.jpg

Ice hockey is pure non-stop action from the moment that puck drops. Don't miss it.

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Hockey players have quick feet and quick hands. As Sports Photographers covering hockey, we also need to have quick hands.

If you're committing to play college hockey, I make the best custom commitment edits in the game!

AM Ole Miss Hockey Commitment Edit by Jeff Palicki Photography.jpg
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Jeff Palicki Trevon Mason Highlight Video Edit University of Arizona Football
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