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As a professional Sports Photographer, I find my job very exciting. When it comes to football, it's such a fast-paced and exciting sport, and being a football photographer allows me to be right in the middle of the action, capturing all the excitement as it happens. And being a football photographer allows me to combine my love of photography with my love of football.​ Capturing a great photograph of a football game and having it published or shared can be a source of pride and accomplishment for any football photographer. Being a football photographer can be a rewarding and fulfilling career for someone who loves football, photography, and the excitement of capturing special moments.

Football Hype Video

I'm all about being out on the field doing my sports photography thing, but there's a lot of magic that happens when I'm back in the office. I love sitting on Adobe Premiere Pro and turning my photos and videos into some seriously baller hype video edits like this one. I also dig marketing athletes by editing highlight reels. Another thing I love to do with my photos is head over to Adobe Photoshop and create some graphics to blast across social media. It creates hype around the team and the players. Can you say Athlete Branding? Creative content is marketing 101 for today's athlete. So hit me up and get yourself branded.  

Football Graphics

Jeff Palicki Photography neshannock football graphic design.jpg

This Graphic was made for the Neshannock High School Lancers Football program. All photos are property of Jeff Palicki Photography.

Athlete branding starts as early as high school. Back in the day, the only way to reach your audience was to play on TV, do commercials, or write a book. Now, we all have our own platform. Two words - social media. Use it wisely. Put out baller content, and let the world know you came to ball. No chump stuff. Baller vibes = baller deals. Write that down. Get yourself a baller photographer (me) that can make killer edits (me) and take your brand to the next level (you, son). 


This is what I'm talking about. There's nothing wrong with this photo of the quarterback on the left; it would make a fine social media post. But typically only the biggest athletes on the best teams are able to post some hard graphics like this one (on the right). Why? Because only the biggest and best universities have a graphic design department dedicated to putting out sports edits. Well, you don't need to be in the Big 10 to get graphics like these, you just need me.

MVP Football Edit by Jeff Palicki Photography and Sports Graphic Design.jpg
Jeff Palicki Photography Beaver Falls Nechannock Football Sports Fireworks_4711.jpg

Football teams really know how to make an entrance. Even at the high school level, witness the hype on a Friday night... Let's go!

Jeff Palicki Photography Sports Football Union Shenango Friday Night Lights High School_6150.jpg

I call it "Friday Night Lights"

I mean, come on, right? 

Working as a Sports Photographer on a Friday night isn't so bad. Standing on the sidelines gives you a front row seat to athletes giving it their all; bleeding, sweating, breaking bones, breaking records, getting knocked down, and getting back up again. 

Jeff Palicki Photography Sports High School Football Union Shenango_6228.jpg
Jeff Palicki Photography Sports Football Union Shenango_6336.jpg

That defenseman is LOCKED IN. Eyes on the prize, homie. 

Jeff Palicki Photography Sports Football New Castle brotherhood pick up hands_6463.jpg

Athletes - We're not just teammates. We are brothers.

Jeff Palicki Photography Football Sports runningback tackled_8404.jpg

Not everyone is willing to get pummeled by four dudes just to gain a few yards. But some are. That's exactly the level of dedication and heart that I aim to capture every time I go out with my camera. 

Jeff Palicki Photography Football Sports quarterback sacked_8318.jpg
Jeff Palicki Photography Football Sports wide receiver catch pass defender_8413.jpg

If you're committing to play college Football, I got you with the best custom commitment edits in the game!

JH WPU Commitment Edit by Jeff Palicki Photography.jpg
Jeff Palicki Football Photography New Castle Red Hurricane American Flag Sports_6590.jpg
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