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Crossfit Photography

CrossFit Hype Video Edit

I'm all about being out on the field doing my sports photography thing, but there's a lot of magic that happens when I'm back in the office. I love sitting on Adobe Premiere Pro and turning my photos and videos into some seriously motivational hype video edits like this one. Another thing I love to do with my photos is head over to Adobe Photoshop and create some graphics to blast across social media. It creates hype around the team and the players. Can you say Athlete Branding? Creative content is marketing 101 for today's athlete. So hit me up and get yourself branded.  

CrossFit Graphic Design

Athlete branding starts as early as high school. Back in the day, the only way to reach your audience was to play on TV, do commercials, or write a book. Now, we all have our own platform. Two words - social media. Use it wisely. Put out baller content, and let the world know you came to ball. No chump stuff. Baller vibes = baller deals. Write that down. Get yourself a baller photographer (me) that can make killer edits (me) and take your brand to the next level (you, son). 

Jeff Palicki Photography CrossFit 615 Throwdown Edit Design .PNG
Jeff Palicki Sports Photographer Crossfit Photography Morning Chalk Up.jpg

This photo of CrossFit Athlete Nicky Rodgers was featured in Morning Chalk Up, a CrossFit website and newsletter with the largest and most influential audience in the Sport of Fitness. You can read the article here:


 16 Times CrossFit Young Guns Showed Off Their Big Guns with Massive Lifts

morning chalk up logo link.png
Jeff Palicki Photography Crossfit Photography 111.jpg

If you are looking to photograph some serious athleticism and strength, look no further than a CrossFit competition. This dude took as many "steps" on his hands as most people do on their feet during a workout.

Jeff Palicki Photography Sports Crossfit_1424.jpg

Here's a fun fact: Homeboy was squatting all of this weight not for the competition, but for the warmups.


Get off the couch and get to work. 

Jeff Palicki Photography Crossfit Photographer Pittsburgh PA 3.jpg

The 615 Throwdown


I call it "Friday Night Lights"

I mean, come on, right? 

Jeff Palicki Photography Sports Crossfit_1597.jpg
Jeff Palicki Photography Sports Crossfit_1935.jpg

Sometimes the moments between the action can be just as story-telling. In sports photography, you never drop your guard just because it appears to be a moment of rest. If you weren't convinced before that these athletes have more gorilla DNA in them than most, you should be now. 

Jeff Palicki Photography Sports Crossfit_1642.jpg

Even CrossFit athletes are allowed to take a seat now and then. It made for a great time to snap a photo. I make athletes look badass, even when they're just chillin' at the gym scrolling through their phone. 

Jeff Palicki Trevon Mason Highlight Video Edit University of Arizona Football

Highlight Reels

Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 7.24.10 AM.png

Hype Videos

Jeff Palicki Photography NC BBALL Graphic 1.jpg

Edits and Graphics

Jeff Palicki Photography Commitment Edit AR 2.jpg

 CrossFit Photographer near Pittsburgh!


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