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This photo of Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Cody Ponce, crouched in the PNC Park outfield, is a good place to start my Major League Baseball Photography page.  It was the first photograph in which an MLB athlete reached out to me to get a copy. I'm glad I was able to capture this moment of pause Cody was

having before

taking the

mound that day. It's peaceful yet dramatic. Dig it. 

Go Buccos!

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 I grew up going to Wrigley Field, home of Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs. I've always bled Cubby Blue. This photo is special because it is that last game I ever got to photograph the great Kris Bryant wearing that beautiful shade of blue. 

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KB #17

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2016 Rookie of the year


Here's a gallery of MLB's Chicago Cubs Photography

Sports Photography or Album cover photography? Well, if the Pittsburgh Pirates' Wilmer Difo, Gregory Polanco, and Erik Gonzalez haven't released an album yet, I'm pretty sure this is proof that they should. Glad I captured this gangster moment at PNC Park.

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With or without your permission, I root for two teams in the same division - the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Sue me. In my life, I've called Chicago and Pittsburgh home, so I've spent a good deal of time at both Wrigley Field and PNC Park cheering for the home teams. On that note, Here are some pirates photos:

I love turning my sports photos into sports edits so much. I could live on photoshop (and practically do). HEre's a Pittsburgh Pirates Graphic that I made:

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Some more MLB Photography of some more stellar athletes:

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There is no major league ballpark in the world more beautiful than PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  

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This Photograph of David Ross is by no means my most exhilarating photograph, but if sentimentality is worth anything, it's a million dollar shot.


David Ross is one of my all-time favorite people in the game of baseball. Though PNC Park is now my home field, I grew up at Wrigley Field - home of the Chicago Cubs. Baseball was my life. The Cubs were my obsession. I watched Sammy Sosa go yard there. I watched Kerry Wood strike out the entire world there. I got my first Cubs Jersey there (I still have it). I got Mark Grace’s autograph. I met Joe Girardi. Year after year I rooted for the Cubs - win or lose. I was never disappointed in a loss, only saddened when the season was over. It was truly an unconditional love.


Click the Blog post above to read a bit about my journey as a Sports Photographer (and Cubs fan). 

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College baseball photography

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