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Jersey Swap

Custom Jersey Swaps for High School and College Athletes

Looking for a Graphic Artist to jersey swap your high school or college uniform? Jeff Palicki is the most renowned jersey swap artist in the high school and college sports world! Jersey swaps aren't just for the pros anymore. Upload your photo in your high school uniform and we can swap you into your future college team's uniform!


Fill out the order form and you'll receive your custom jersey swap within ONE BUSINESS DAY!


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If you're ordering a commitment graphic - After receiving your graphic, you are permitted to request two small changes free of charge. "Small changes" are things like changing a font or a color. Any serious rework of the design will cost extra.

Jersey Swap Photoshop 

Here is a hyperspeed timelapse of Jeff Palicki Photography using Photoshop to performing a jersey swap for a football player committing to college football. There are many ways to conduct a jersey swap, which is why we haven't bothered doing a full length jersey swap tutorial on the subject. There are too many variables that have to be taken into account when deciding how to go about conducting a jersey swap. Step one is analyzing the photo which is intended to be swapped... The quality, the angle, the lighting, all play a factor in determining a course of action. We also have to consider what is going to be swapped. As you can see below, it's more than just a jersey swap; it's a helmet swap too! Which can be just as challenging and time consuming. Oftentimes it's an entire uniform swap; pants, socks, etc. What's the most challenging uniform to swap you ask? Hockey, by far. Full uniform hockey swaps are very time consuming. They can take hours. 

Jersey Swap Generator

The Jersey Swap Generator - at least that's what they call Jeff Palicki Photography. Why? Well, because if you send us a photo of you (you don't even need to be in a jersey), within one day we will generate an edit of you in any jersey you wish. As Certified Photoshop Masters, we can photoshop you into any jersey. 

Jeff Palicki Photography Before Jersey Swap.jpg
Jersey Swap Commitment Edit by Jeff Palicki Photography.jpg
Jeff Palicki Photography Pre-Jersey Swap Photo.jpeg
College Baseball Jersey Swap by Jeff Palicki Photography and Design.jpg

Jersey Swap App

Due to the level of Photoshop expertise needed to complete a jersey swap, there is no jersey swap app. Software and technology simply can't replace what it takes to swap a jersey. Why? Because jersey swaps are just as much art, as they are technology. One, you will not be able to create a convincing edit without purchasing Adobe Photoshop. Two, you will need to acquire years of expertise in order to use the technology it takes to create such art.... Trust me on this one.

Pre-jersey Swap Photo - Jeff Palicki Graphic Design
College Baseball Commitment Edit Jersey Swap by Jeff Palicki Photography.jpg

Click here for Commitment Edits

graphics specifically for athletes announcing their commitment to college-level sports! 

Baseball Pic Before Jersey Swap Jeff Palicki Photo.jpeg
Rc College Commitment Edit by Jeff Palicki Photography and Design - Dirty.jpg
commitment photo.jpg
Jersey Swap Edit by Jeff Palicki Graphic Design.jpg
Before Jersey Swap Jeff Palicki.jpg
Jersey Swap Sports Graphic by Jeff Palicki Photography.jpg
College Wrestling Photo Athlete.jpg
College Wrestling Jersey Swap Commitment Edit by Jeff Palicki Photography and Design.jpg

Graphic work featured by:

NBA Logo Graphic Artist Jeff Palicki
Chicago Bulls Logo Graphic Artist Jeff Palicki
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