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I love taking my sports photographs and turning them into killer slideshows! There's something about adding music to some quick-cuts that really gets people hype, which, as a Baseball Photographer, is always an objective of mine. Here's the intro to the slideshow I created for the 2021 New Castle Red Hurricane Baseball team, who ended their journey by bringing home the first PIAA State Championship trophy in school history. Every Photograph used in this slideshow was taken by Jeff Palicki. Check out more hype videos here.

High School Baseball Photography Gallery

Jeff Palicki Photography New Castle Red Hurricanes Baseball Dugout Celebration Helmet Hype Dante_9862_edited.jpg

One of the perks of shooting photographs in a high school baseball team's dugout is the chance to capture up-close moments of intense emotional celebration. High school athletes have plenty of fun and a whole lot of passion.

Jeff Palicki Photography Sports Baseball New Castle Red Hurricanes Donny Cade Batting Practice in Shades_3881.jpg

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Making athletes look badass is what I do. I take high school athletes, that are simply taking pitches in a batting cage, and make them into the baddest looking dudes on earth.

Jeff Palicki Photography Sports Baseball Laurel Shenango Runner Sliding into First Base_8946.jpg

Baseball Photography Pro Tip: Get down low when there's a runner on first and anticipate the pickoff play. The explosions of dirt make for some cool looking photographs. 

Jeff Palicki Sports Baseball Photography New Castle vs. Montour_1947.jpg

The brotherhood among teammates in photographic form.

Jeff Palicki Photography Baseball Sports Pitcher American Flag 5322.jpg

What's more American than this one?

Shenango Wildcats Pitcher

Jeff Palicki Sports Photography Baseball PIAA New Castle Championship State_0428_.jpg

In 2021, the New Castle High School Red Hurricane Baseball team brought home their first Pennsylvania State Championship trophy  in school history. I will forever be grateful that I got to be a part of the journey as the team's photographer. I captured some glorious moments along the way, but I'm not sure that any of them top this one.

Baseball Commitment Edit Committed Graphic by Jeff Palicki Photography and Sports Graphic

If you're a high school athlete, taking your game to the college level, then you need to take your commitment announcement to the next level with a custom college commitment edit.


Oh, and I'm also a wizard of jersey swaps!  

Jeff Palicki Sports Photography New Castle Baseball vs. Montour Home Run Celebration Jumping Diamond_2458.jpg

New Castle player , Donny Cade, leaps in celebration after rocketing a home run to left field.

Jeff Palicki Sports Photography New Castle Baseball_5339.jpg

New Castle baseball, and Notre Dame commit, Anthony Miller, roars after being called safe at second base.

Jeff Palicki Photography Sports Baseball Pennsylvania_7731.jpg
Jeff Palicki Photography sports baseball shenango_7736.jpg

Two Shenango Wildcat Baseball athletes, Tyler Kamerer and Zach Herb, walk down  the tunnel at Beaver Stadium, Penn State University, for the high school baseball state championship game

Jeff Palicki Photography New Castle Baseball Rocco Bernadina Pittsburgh Post Gazette.jpg

This photograph of New Castle Pitcher, Rocco Bernadina, was used by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in an article entitled ‘Rock star’: Rocco Bernadina standing out in a big way at New Castle 

Jeff Palicki Baseball Photographer Pittsburgh PA Team black and white Dugout_0709.jpg
Jeff Palicki Sports Photography SHS Baseball Batting Practice Cages Warmup Practice_2885.jpg
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