From Little League to the Majors, I love shooting sports photography because it combines two of my favorite pastimes: Sports and photography, of course. Growing up consumed by sports, I understand that few have as much passion as an athlete. The blood. The sweat. The tears. The heart. I still share this passion, but from behind my lens. Nothing matches the intensity of an athlete in the heat of competition, and as a sports photographer, it is my duty and honor to capture these most extreme moments in photographs.

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 I've got you covered! The cost for me to attend a game of your choice is $100. That also buys you $100 worth of high resolution downloads of your choice. Within 72 hours of the event, I will post the game's gallery online, which typically contains approximately 200+ edited photos, where you can redeem your free downloads, order professional prints, canvases, and more! Contact me here to schedule your sports photography shoot.

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My obsession with professional sports photography

If you're looking to have professional sports photography shots taken, you came to the right place. If I really think back, my obsession with photography began before I ever picked up a camera. To this day, my closet contains boxes filled with trading cards. Sure, I'd memorize the stats on the back, but the front of the card is what grabbed you. There were hundreds of variations of Mario Lemieux cards. So what separated them? You guessed it - the picture on the front! To me, the picture is what made a card valuable, trade-worthy, and sentimental. I always imagined what my trading card might look like. I always fantasized about having an intense image of myself making a diving catch, or flying upside-down on my bike (No, I couldn't do backflips, but I said this was a fantasy, didn't I?). Well, it's my job to make those dreams come true for other athletes. It's my responsibility to give you your trading-card photograph. 

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MLB's PNC Park was built for Baseball Photography

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Here's a photo of me from when I played for the Baltimore Orioles. 


The Warrenville, Illinois Baltimore Orioles.

This photograph of David Ross is by no means my most exhilarating photograph, but if sentimentality is worth anything, it's a million dollar shot.

Jeff Palicki Photography MLB_8566.jpg

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