I am a Portrait, Event, and Sports Photographer, with an obsession for helping you tell your story through photographs. To me, an amazing photograph means not simply capturing a person, but a personality. A photograph should not be a mere documentation of a point-in-time, it should, and must, evoke a feeling.

My mission to capture a truer image of you begins by first getting to know you. I want to know about your passions, your talents, and what fuels you. What makes you, you? These are the elements I will incorporate into your images. Do you like camping? Well, bring a tent. Do you enjoy fishing? Bring your pole. Football? Wear your jersey. Horses? Hop on! What about math? Heck, bring a calculator and we'll figure it out. These aren't generic props aimlessly thrown into a photo. These are the artifacts and avenues that drive one's purpose. The people, places, and things that we surround ourselves with can be the most significant aspects of our lives; let's capture that. But first, let's chat!

If there is a place that best represents who you are, then let's shoot there. I'd love to capture you in your element, whether it be your favorite fishing hole, the ice rink, a downtown rooftop, your garden, or anywhere in between. I specialize in on-location real-world photography. We live in one of the most gorgeous regions in this great country. There's no better backdrop than what mother-nature has to offer, and there's no better lighting than that big natural bulb in the sky.

There isn't much I wouldn't do to get the perfect shot.

I am completely willing to get in the river and hike a mountain for my clients! See what they have to say on Google...


— Becky M. 

"I was stunned by the results. They were beautiful, and I FELT beautiful. Jeff was very professional and fun to joke around with throughout the shoot, and we both felt very comfortable."


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ABOUT jeff

I fell in love with the art of photography in my junior-high photography class, in Park Ridge, Illinois (just outside of Chicago), using my parents' analog camera (remember film!?). My parents still have 8x10 prints of some of my first ever photography projects, which include shots of my little brother playing drums, my friends on skateboards and BMX bikes, my grandmother's pond, and whatever else caught my 12 year old eye. The last thing on my mind was my career. I just knew I loved it. So I kept on shooting.


By the time I reached high school, cameras had shifted to digital, my entire life had shifted to the great state of Pennsylvania, and my school had just gotten Photoshop. My first digital photography art project was submitted to an anti-smoking campaign contest and ended up on a billboard in my home town! It was a pretty cool feeling knowing that thousands of commuters were seeing my work daily. An even better feeling is being there to see one person's smile when you give them a show-stopping photograph of themselves, their family, their child, or their moment of glory. I live for that.


My wife and I met at the gym one day. Three days later we went on our first date. Three months later, we were engaged. Three months after that, we were married. 

They say, "When you know, you know." Yeah, they weren't kidding. We knew right away. I had never felt anything like it. She is the definition of sweet. She is my best friend, and my inspiration. 



I am a father to the funniest, sweetest, and coolest little dude I know. I don't know how, but every day he gets funnier, sweeter, and cooler. He is obsessed with "choo-choos" and if I could, I would give him all the choo-choos in the world. His smile makes my day and his laugh could save the world. He's my best buddy, and he is my motivation. He is also the greatest big brother a sweet little sister could ask for. I am also the proud father of a little girl/angel. I could hold her forever and know that life is good. My children are the reason I do what I do. They are the greatest gifts I have ever received, and they make my life more meaningful than I ever thought possible.



And of course our family wouldn't be complete without Willie; the one and only. Willie's hobbies include eating mulch when nobody's looking, and being tackled mercilessly by our son. He's cute too, right?