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— Steve Y.

Bro!!! That is sick AF!! Thank you so much for making this happen for our son, and especially so quick!! Master of your art!

Located north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, here are some of the areas I service.


I am a Portrait, Event, and Sports Photographer, with an obsession for helping you tell your story through photographs. To me, an amazing photograph means not simply capturing a person, but a personality. A photograph should not be a mere documentation of a point-in-time, it should, and must, evoke a feeling.

My mission to capture a truer image of you begins by first getting to know you. I want to know about your passions, your talents, and what fuels you. What makes you, you? These are the elements I will incorporate into your images. Do you enjoy fishing? Bring your pole. Football? Wear your jersey. What about math? Heck, bring a calculator and we'll figure it out. These aren't generic props aimlessly thrown into a photo. These are the artifacts and avenues that drive one's purpose. The people, places, and things that we surround ourselves with can be the most significant aspects of our lives; let's capture that.

If there is a place that best represents who you are, then let's shoot there. I'd love to capture you in your element, whether it be your favorite fishing hole, the ice rink, a downtown rooftop, your garden, or anywhere in between. I specialize in on-location real-world photography. We live in one of the most gorgeous regions in this great country. There's no better backdrop than what mother-nature has to offer, and there's no better lighting than that big natural bulb in the sky.

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I am a Graphic Artist/Designer/Ninja with an obsession for making badass art/graphics for true badasses; teams, athletes, bands, brands, you name it. Photoshop is my life. My ideal day consists of sipping on coffee, tunes on, making some baller graphic art in my studio. All day, every day, and I every second of it. Truly my happy place. 

Most of my graphic work is in the world of sports - go figure, right? And it's no accident. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love making sports edits for dudes committing to university sports programs and they love blasting them across social media and wracking up likes while branding themselves. 

I also do concert poster design, shirt designs, logo designs, flyer designs, anything you need. Hit me up.

Everything I make is CUSTOM! Blank canvas. Fresh off the dome. Tell me what you need, and I'll bring your vision to life.

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