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MLB Photography

Jeff Palicki Photography PIAA New Castle

High School Baseball Photography

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Sports Edits and Graphics


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Jeff Palicki Photography Slippery Rock SRU Baseball High Five.jpg

This photograph is college baseball illustrated. College baseball players know how to have a good time. They are truly dedicated athletes, as well as scholars. But what good is baseball if you're not out there having fun? Note the straight face and eyes locked in on the camera. I've witnessed a lot of goofy celebrations, handshakes, and superstitious routines on a baseball field, but these guys did this after every inning and this photo makes me smile every time. Also, as an SRU graduate, I'm biased... ROCK PRIDE!

Jeff Palicki Photography_7738.jpg

I'm not familiar with this tradition, but I'm into it.

baseball Graphic for slippery rock university baseball:

Jeff Palicki Sports Photography Slippery Rock University Baseball Graphic Design.jpg

Baseball Black and White Photography

Of the million or so college baseball photographs on my hard drive, probably less than 1% end up black and white. The ones that do end up colorless always end up being some of my favorites. Black and white photographs are just so classic. They seem to freeze time a bit more. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's just me. Either way, here are some black and white photos from college baseball. 

Jeff Palicki Photography Sports College Baseball Clarion University Pennsylvania.jpg

Sometimes it's the moments between the moments that make the best photos. 

Jeff Palicki Photography Sports YSU Penguins Baseball_5423.jpg

Exhibits A and B.

Jeff Palicki Photography_Home Run to Center Field YSU Penguins Baseball Youngstown State Ohio Warning Track.jpg

Sometimes you just run out of warning track, and have to watch it go. That's what I captioned this photo on my Instagram and I don't think I can summarize it any more precisely or concisely. This photograph was taken at a Horizon League D1 YSU baseball game in 2021. A Milwaukee Panthers player had jacked one over the center field fence. As a baseball photographer, when you see an outfielder running to the track, and to the wall, you're hoping he'll climb the wall. You're hoping to capture a magical home run robbing play. In this case, even though the ball ended up over the fence, and the outfielder knew he hadn't a chance, it made for a perfect moment. When I look at this photo, I can feel the wind being sucked from this outfielder's sails as he reaches a dead end and accepts fate. Maybe that's what I'll call this photo - Dead End.

Jeff Palicki Photography YSU Baseball Pitcher Sports Edit_6260.jpg

Youngstown State University Pitcher Collin Floyd

Jeff Palicki Photography Milwaukee Panthers Baseball Batter Swinging YSU Penguins_6790.jpg

Milwaukee Panthers Baseball player takes a swing verses YSU penguins at Eastwood Field in Youngstown, Ohio

Jeff Palicki Sports Photography Slippery Rock Baseball_9382-2.jpg

Slippery Rock University Baseball Player hits one to left field at Jack Critchfield Park in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania 

Jeff Palicki Photography Slippery Rock University SRU College Baseball_2436.jpg

SRU pitcher delivers a knuckleball (let's pretend) to a Clarion University hitter with onlooking teammates

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