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Finding the right Photographer near you can be a challenge. Well, you found me, but now you might be wondering if I shoot photography near you. Well, if you are wondering whether or not you are located within range for me to be your photographer, chances are, sure you are! Though located in West Middlesex, Pennsylvania, I am happy to travel wherever my camera takes me, and wherever my clients need me. Please note that depending on distance, travel expenses may be added. 

Jeff Palicki Photography Service Area

Photographer Near You | Jeff Palicki Photography

Photographer Near You | Hermitage PA

The Hermitage, Sharpsville, Sharon, Greenville, West Middlesex PA area has SO much to offer a photographer! If you're looking for an urban landscape shoot, downtown Sharon is the perfect setting. And rural settings; we have plenty! Whether you want farms, woods, or water, you're golden. Buhl Park is a no-brainer. Two words - Shenango Lake. It has beaches, docks, trees, flowers, wildlife... What more could you ask for in a photoshoot? 

Photographer Near You | New Castle PA

New Castle has plenty of brick buildings that make great backdrops for a more urban-style shoot. The surrounding area offers some of the best rural photography locations in the country. It's what makes Western Pennsylvania so beautiful - the countless creeks, ponds, lakes, farms, tree-covered rolling hills, covered-bridges, wildlife - we've got it all. As an avid outdoorsman, I might even have a few secret spots of my own, perfect for capturing one-of-a-kind photos!

Photographer Nea You New Castle PA

Photographer Near You | Slippery Rock PA

If you're looking to have photos taken in the Slippery Rock area (Grove City, Butler), I know many great locations, especially if you're looking for water. As an avid fisherman since I could first cast a rod, I know all of the good spots to have sunset shoots on a lake/pond, or an adventurous shoot on a creek. As an SRU graduate, I'm all too familiar with all the area has to offer. The SRU campus even has some great backdrops for photo-ops (think ski-hill!). 

Photographer Near You Youngstown OH (Hubbard, Boardman, Warren)

Yes, I reside in Western PA, but can we put all hints of a state-to-state "rivalry" aside for a moment and acknowledge that both states have a percentage of drivers that aren't the best and even though we live on the other side of "the line" we can still be friends? Okay, now that we got past that, let me say that I'm happy to photograph my Ohioan friends! And believe it or not, Eastern Ohio is very similar to Western Pennsylvania. Youngstown can make for some really neat urban/industrial photos, and there are rural spots, of course, if you're looking to break out those cowboy/girl boots and hats. Please hire me take photos you and your mud-caked truck at Yankee lake! I've just always thought that would be cool.

Photographer Near You | Pittsburgh PA

Do I really have to explain why Pittsburgh is a great set for photography? I've been to most major cities in the US, and Pittsburgh takes the cake for city photography. If you've never stood on Mount Washington, overlooking downtown as it intersects with the three rivers, then email me right now, and let's go. Of course, the incline is a photoshoot must. For sports fans like myself, PNC Park is notoriously known as the most gorgeous ballpark in the world, which sits on the Allegheny River. I've shot many ballgames at PNC Park and it's truly a dream come true. I always get excited when a client wants to go to Pittsburgh. That client could be you!

Photographer Near Pittsburgh PA | Jeff Palicki Photogrraphy

Photographer Near You Moraine State Park

I had to give Moraine its own writeup because it's just that great! If you've been, then you don't need me to explain. If you've never been, prepare to be awed. This photogenic state park is over 16,000 acres, begging to be shot with my lens, and has many many times! It has a 3,000+ acre lake, which is exclusively surrounded by wildlife, hiking trails, forestry, creeks, ponds, and boat launches. ANY time of year is a good time to shoot photos at Moraine State Park. Whether incorporating it into your shoot or not, don't forget your fishing poles!

Photographer Near You McConnell's Mill State Park

Have I saved the best for last? Certainly! McConnell's Mill is perhaps the most gorgeous place on the planet. Needless to say, it makes for a truly incredible photoshoot location. You could spend all day there, fill up a memory card, and still not see it all. Looking for a senior portrait in a covered bridge? Check. Engagement photos under a waterfall? Check. Family photos hiking a wooded trail. Yep. Photos of your kids climbing rocks or exploring a cave? you betcha. Maternity shoot knee deep in the creek? All day, son. I practically lived at McConnell's mill for about ten years of my life, so I'd love to be your photographer and your tour guide!

Those are just some of the areas I've covered. Didn't see your home-town on the list? Don't fret; just send me a message and I'll let you know when I can make it out to your neck of the woods!

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