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If you're an athlete looking for a video editor to make you a baller highlight video to blast across your social media reels and be your ticket to the big leagues, look no further! Get yourself a custom video / reel edit for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and more by contacting professional sports designer Jeff Palicki Photography today!

How To Make A Sports Highlight Video

The first thing you need to do to get a sports highlight reel is get ahold of Jeff Palicki Photography - the master at providing amazing athlete graphics and video edits. Step two is to let me know what kind of vibe you want - starting with the song. The music pretty much sets the tone for the highlight reel. Next, let me know what kind of effects you do (or don't) like - smoke, glitches, fire, vintage effects, transitions, etc.


Highlight reels are a phenomenal method of branding for athletes. Athletes are using social media for personal branding these days, and what better way to market an athlete's ability than a sick compilation of top highlights. I'm biased, but I suggest you have a baller video editor edit your footage for you. Quick cuts, slick graphics, trendy overlays, cool filters, amazing transitions, hard music, audio mixing... All that stuff goes into making a video that will stop your followers, fans, and recruiters from scrolling, and draw them into your video. Posting a GOOD video is also guaranteed to get you more followers. Another method of athlete branding and marketing is to post some tough photos or graphics. Luckily for you, Jeff Palicki Photography is a one-stop shop for personal branding for athletes. Get in touch and let's make some baller content!

What does a sports highlight reel cost?

My video editing rate is $75 an hour. So HIT ME UP and let me know what you want as far as length, and visual effects, and I'll give you an accurate price, and we can take your profile to the next level!

Please read this before contacting me to purchase your edit:

- Please provide your highlight footage already clipped out, or timestamped (if you have an hour long piece of footage, give me the time stamps of all the plays you want included). If I have to go through an entire game and find the highlights myself, it'll cost ya. Time is money, ya know? 

- Please provide me with anything specific you want in the video (song, name, stats, logos, quotes, etc) BEFORE I START EDITING.

- Please let me know what dimension you want: wide (like YouTube) or square (social media)

- Turnaround time: You'll typically have your video in approximately 7 days. I can give you a more precise estimate at the time of purchase.

- If there is something you'd like to alter after the video is complete, a simple edit or two (like a font change or something) is typically free, I'm a reasonable dude. But if you're trying to make major changes, I'll say it again... Time is money, son. Speaking of...


- For the record, I've never had anyone request major changes to my work. After all, you came to me for a reason, right? You know what I'm bringing to the table. These videos are your ticket to the big leagues. I don't take that lightly. These reels are my art. My beautiful baller babies. I won't put anything out there with my name on it that doesn't meet my high standards. I analyze every clip, put them in a very intentional order, chose the perfect filters, overlays, effects, and transitions to flow with the vibe of the music; the heartbeat that the video groves to. So pick a song, hit me up, and prepare for stardom, homie!

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