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Preparing For Your Kids Photography Shoot

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Where to do the kids photography shoot

Where you plan to hold the shoot is quite important and very relevant. You want to chose a location and environment that your child/children will be comfortable in. If they hate getting wet, lets skip the day at the beach. Do they love the park (what kid doesn't)? Let's go there. Let's shoot them zipping down their favorite slide, or swinging on their go-to swing. Do your kids have a clubhouse out back? Perfect spot for a photo shoot! Again, comfortable and relevant to who they are.

How to dress your kids for a kids photoshoot

First and foremost, I recommend something comfortable. If they're uncomfortable, it WILL show in the photos. I recommend anything that's easy on the eyes, choose neutral colors rather than anything neon. Also stay away from busy patterns, as they can become a distraction in your images. You don’t want an article of clothing to be the focus of your pictures. Dress them for the setting as well. If they're going to be splashing around in the water, don't worry about shoes, just be sure to grab the bathing suit! Also consider the weather. Dress them appropriately for hot/cold weather. Rain in the forecast? A raincoat can make for an unforgettable and adorable rainy-day image!

What to bring to a kids photography session

Food - Especially for the younger ones. We all know how "uncooperative" they can get with an empty stomach, so be sure to grab their favorite snacks just in case. I'll be the first to admit that I have paid my son off in cookies in order to get a good photograph of him.

Toys - Bring their favorite toy(s) or stuffed animal. This serves multiple purposes. One, it can keep them happy and entertained. Two, we can use these items to get their attention if we need them to look a certain direction. And three, we can actually incorporate these items into the photoshoot. Is your little one attached to their teddy bear? Well, what's cuter than a picture of them walking into the sunset, hand-in-hand with Teddy. If baseball is what bonds your children, then definitely show up to your photoshoot with their gloves, a bat, and a ball. I highly encourage incorporating their hobbies/interests into their photos. After all, this is what makes them who they are, and it's a personality that we are trying to get that snapshot of.

When to have a kids photoshoot

Consider your child's schedule. Does your kid nap at noon? Let's not have a 12pm session. As a father, I know that a tired kid is a cranky kid, and although a cranky kid can still take a cute picture, we all prefer the smiles. Book your session at a time when they're likely to be awake, alert, and attentive.

I hope that these tips helped to prepare you for this momentous occasion. As your photographer, it is my desire to make your kids photography session as pleasant as possible. Feel free to contact me to ask me any other questions you may have about preparing for your session. I am always happy to help.


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