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What To Wear For Engagement Photoshoot

Wear something comfortable to your engagement photography session

You don’t want to spend the session adjusting an ill-fitting shirt, and such discomfort can come across in your photographs. Wear clothes you can spend the day in, have fun in, and be yourself in.

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Wear camera friendly clothing to your engagement shoot

I recommend anything that's easy on the eyes; choose neutral colors, cool hues, and pastels over anything orange. Stay away from patterns that are too busy or colors that are too bright, as they can become a distraction in your images. Leave the fluorescent colors and confusing patterns at home. You don’t want an article of clothing to be the focus of your pictures. The focus should be on your faces, your synergy, your connection; not your hot pink skirt, as cute as it may be.

Wear clothing appropriate to the season for your photoshoot

Winter and Fall engagement photos

Don’t shy away from a winter engagement session, as these can be great shoots, and fun to bundle up for. Winter accessories can really add some style to your photos. Scarves, hats, gloves, and puffy coats. Did somebody say, “snowball fight”?

Spring and Summer engagement photos

What should you wear for your engagement photos during the warmer seasons? Capture those summertime vibes with a barefoot shoot on the beach. Is spring in the air? Then it might be time for a flip-flop stroll through the botanical garden, or sundresses and short sleeve button ups in a wheat field.

Wear an outfit that compliments your partner's for your photography sessio

When deciding on what you will wear for your photoshoot, take into account what your partner will wear. Wear colors that will complement one another. Be careful not to wear matching outfits; you don’t want that level of cheesiness… unless that’s your thing, then steer right into it.

Wear something appropriate to the setting

Where is your outdoor shoot taking place? The city, or the creek? Well, the suits and stilettos may be suitable for one setting, but certainly not the other. If you’re a hiker, having a session in the woods, rock those boots. Which brings me to my next topic…

Wear something that is YOU

Wear clothes that fit your style. If you’ve never worn a suit, why start now? Save that for the wedding. If you’ve worn the same pair of dirty Converse since high school, don’t be afraid to wear them proudly; it’s who you are. Unless you’re trying to reinvent yourself, but that’s another blog post for another website. Heck, are you the type of couple that will walk barefoot through a field? Then ditch the shoes completely! This is a photo shoot of who you are, not who you think you should be in an engagement picture. When you share your engagement photos with your loved ones, you want them to say, “That is SO them!”

Engagement Photos - What to Wear

I hope that these tips helped to alleviate any wardrobe struggles you may have been having in this exciting time. As your photographer, it is my desire to make your engagement photography session as pleasant as possible. Feel free to contact me to ask me any other questions you may have about preparing for your session. I am always happy to help.


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